Stress, Anxiety & Depression

I strongly believe that stress is one of the modern worlds biggest health problems. Its easy to start thinking that this is the norm. Ongoing stress & worry means that your bodies natural resources go towards dealing with the stress rather than allowing other parts of the body to function at their optimum level. If this continues long term it can have negative effects on our health and well being. Nowadays our lives are often too hectic to take 'time out' to 'rest and relax' and give our mind and body time to recover.  All too often this spirals into to more than just rational feelings of fear and anxiety.

How can Reflexology Help?
Reflexology and massage are great ways to manage stress and anxiety by reducing the hormone cortisol that promotes the feeling of fear, fuzzy head, shaky limbs, tight chest and hyperventilation. Reflexology also stimulates the production of endorphins, our natural feel good mechanism. If this has become sluggish then reflexology may be just the thing to remind your body how it should be released.

We all lead hectic lives and often we can go days, weeks or even months without giving our mind and body a rest from the relentless treadmill that is daily life. It is essential that our bodies have the opportunity to recover, to re-energise and to re-balance.

Most clients are overwhelmed by the feeling of relaxation that reflexology creates. 
How does Stress Effect You?

Underpinning so many of the illnesses and ailments we suffer with today is the effect on our bodies from stress. To name just a few stress can cause:

Chronic headaches
Anxiety & Panic
weakened Immune System
Weight Gain or Weight Loss
Skin conditions
Hair Loss
Fertility Issues
Digestion Problems

As mentioned earlier reflexology stimulates the production of endorphins 'the feel good' hormones, it reduces cortisol which increases under stress and anxiety and encourages good blood circulation to our vital organs.