Pregnancy & Post Natal

Reflexology is a gentle treatment which is ideal to maintain hormonal balance during the stages of pregnancy. Many of the minor ailments of pregnancy respond well to reflexology therapy such as:
  • morning sickness & nausea
  • fluid retention
  • heartburn
  • headaches
  • backache
  • constipation
  • sleeplessness
  • fatigue
  • tiredness
Reflexology has been used in studies that show it can specifically help women to prepare for labour both emotionally and physically,  often reducing the length of labour.

Certain medical conditions during pregnancy will require a discussion with your health care provider before treatment. These include ongoing bleeding, history of pre-term labour and so on. It is best to contact me to discuss any problems like this before making a booking so that we can plan the best way forward.

Statistics show that mother's who have had Reflexology care throughout their pregnancy have reduced labour times (especially in the 3rd stage), less pain, significantly reduced numbers of intervention, quicker healing times and happier healthier babies as well as decreased cases of Postpartum Depression

Preparing for Labour
Sometimes referred to as 'labour priming', regular reflexology treatment on a weekly basis in the last few weeks of pregnancy, has been shown in studies to reduce the length and pain levels during labour.

The idea that reflexology can 'bring on' or 'induce' labour is often discussed, however unless a baby is ready to enter the world even convential medicene sometimes struggles to 'make' this happen. Once 40 weeks of pregnancy is reached then treatment includes, at the clients request, stimulation of the hormonal system including the areas that stimulate the production of oxytocin and endorphins and uterine contractions. The direct uterus area on the feet will also be stimulated and specific acupressure points which relate to hormonal stimulation will be worked.

The relaxing effect of reflexology alone puts the body into a more favourable state for labour to begin..

In order to benefit from the effects of maternity reflexology you can opt for reflexology throughout your pregnancy or regular visits in the few weeks leading up to the birth.

Postnatal Treatment
Postnatally reflexology is superb for:
  • Rebalancing hormones
  • Improving lactation 
  • Aiding relaxation and reducing anxiety
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Constipation and sluggish digestion
  • Improving energy levels

After trauma or cesarean reflexology helps to promote tissue healing. Even if a women has had a straight forward, uneventful labour, her entire stysem will appreciate balancing back to a post pregnant state and after all that hard work she deserves a relaxing, rejuvenating reflexology session!