I am passionate about giving families the opportunity to try reflexology in an environment where they feel totally relaxed, nurtured and comfortable. I truly believe that lifes journey is at times a hard one for us all and we must ultimately look after our mind and body to give ourselves the energy and strength to work through these periods of difficulty.
Qualified for over 12 years at The Manchester School of Massage I have recently returned to practice after a relatively long journey to start my own family and enjoy time with my children.  I was never far away from massage and reflexology, reguarly enjoying both treatments to support me in my desperation for a baby, the sadness of loss, anxiety of pregnancy and the eventual joy of birth!​ 

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss reflexology for any health issues.

Why Reflexology?

There are hundreds of reasons why someone seeks out a reflexologist. Reflexology is increasingly used alongside conventional medicine and should not approached as a subsitute for visiting your GP for advice on health concerns. Reflexology does not claim to diagnose or cure. The method has been used for several thousands of years and is known to have been practised in a similar manner by the Chinese and the Egyptians.  Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing treatment that gives your whole mind and body the chance to unwind and re-balance, stimulating its own systems and mechanisms to work at optimum efficiency! A bit like a car MOT! 

How does Reflexology Work?
Reflexology works by massaging and applying pressure to the feet to stimulate the nerve endings which correspond to across our entire body.As areas of the body become congested reflexology can identify these areas on the feet and pay particular attention to clearing these pathways so that the body can re-balance, heal itself and work at optimum efficiency!